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Tyres Explained

When tyres become worn or damaged they must be replaced. There must, by law, be at least 1.6mm of tread depth across the centre 3/4 of the width of the tread throughout the entire circumference of the tyre. There must be no damage to the tyre body – sidewalls or tread, no bulges or cuts.

Tyre Info Guide

205/55 – defines the tyre size.
               205 is the tyre width in mm
               55 is the height of the tyre in mm

R16        – Is the diameter of the rim in inches

91V        – shows the load and speed rating.
              91 is the tyre load rating
              V is the tyres max speed

The tyre rating is the maximum speed the tyre is approved for under its load capacity.

Your vehicle will have a recommended tyre rating. You should fit the tyre rating recommended for your vehicle as fitting a lower speed rating tyre could invalidate your insurance.

Tyre Labelling Guide

Fuel efficiency A

You can reduce your driving costs and CO2 emissions by choosing a tyre with a higher fuel efficiency rating.
The categories of fuel efficiency on the new labels are graded Category A to Category G where A is the most efficient and G is the least.

Wet braking performance B

Wet braking performance of the tyre is critical to your road safety. Tyres are graded Category A to Category G. Category A will provide the shortest stopping distances.

The distance in wet braking distance between an A graded tyre and a G graded tyre is 18 metres. This is approximately the length of 4 average cars.

Exterior noise emission C

Tyres are also graded by the amount of noise made as it rolls along the road surface.

The tyre’s exterior noise emission is displayed by the decibel output and three waves shown. The higher the number and more waves the louder the tyre noise.

One wave indicates the tyre is up to 3db quieter than the future legal limit. 

Punctures are not only confined to old tyres. New tyres are just as susceptible. Any punctures that can be fixed will be fixed. Dont be offended if yours cant.


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